Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Homemade Sushi

Hello friends!  I hope you’re off to a great Tuesday.

After our first homemade sushi night last month, I’ve been itching to repeat it.  We had plans to have friends over this past Saturday night to do it again, but Ava came down with a cold and ear infection, and unfortunately, I caught it from her.  So, with the two of us sick, we had to cancel plans with our friends.  (Both couples have babies as well, and we didn’t want to risk exposing the little ones to our infected house.)  I spent the day trying to decide what we’d do for dinner instead.  Hardly able to breathe through my nose and not having a huge appetite, I kept dreaming about wasabi.  I mean, really, what would help a congested nose better than hot, Japanese horseradish, and some spicy tuna? 

So, after Ava had her antibiotics and was put down to sleep in her  humidified bedroom, Scott and I got to work on our own little sushi night. 

I had a few comments last time on the difficulty of preparing sushi rolls.  I like to start with having all the ingredients ready to go, and the sushi mat ready.  (Saran wrap on the sushi mat is essential for inside out rolls.)  After that, it is really quite simple.  Don’t be afraid of mistakes – they are just as tasty!


Lollipop rolls (cucumber on the outside instead of nori or rice) take some awesome knife skills.  Thanks to Scott for doing that –don’t ask me how?!

DSC03495 DSC03498

Fancied up with some roe purchased a couple days prior at the Asian Market. 

 DSC03500 DSC03501

Wine Pairing:  Sake!  We are not as familiar with sake as with our regular vino, so experimenting with different brands and types has been a fun learning experience.  This one was smooth, subtly sweet, and paired deliciously with sushi. 


Between the wasabi and the sake, I felt a lot better! 

I’m off to get my strength training on.  I didn’t make it to yoga yesterday.  Ava was to sick to bring to the gym’s daycare, and honestly, I felt like I would have been a snot fest if I attempted a downward dog.  Maybe next week! 

What is your favorite kind of sushi?  Have you ever made it at home?


  1. My favorite kind of sushi is spicy crab and spicy tuna roll :)

    I'm too scared to make it at home.

  2. Yum, yum, yum. I do make it at home, occasionally, but not often enough. It's so funny because I generally don't mind things that are putsy, but I find it challenging to get the sushi rice just right. Lately though I've been lazy and just purchase the rice pre-cooked at the whole foods sushi counter. It's definitely a pricey option, but saves me from messing it up.

  3. once again, these look AWESOME !!

    my favorite is spicy scallop - oh YUM !

    I love to make sushi at home !

  4. I love spicy tuna rolls!! Love love love! You are making me want sushi...I haven't had it in so long!!

  5. I love sushi rolls with salmon. My favorite one is made with salmon and lemon zest. Never made sushi at home but I definitely want to!

  6. Yum...Yum..and more yum!!
    I eat vegetarian sushi! I love it....
    One of these days...I am going to learn how to make it:):)

  7. These look fabulous! I've had seaweed and sticky rice sitting in my cupboard for a while - I think you just inspired me to make some homemade sushi. Thanks for sharing!