Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Scallop Party!

Happy Almost Friday everyone! 

This morning I did my last run before the Half Marathon this Sunday.  I did a nice 4 mile run on the Greenbelt with the jog stroller, and feel very confident going into Sunday’s run in Long Beach.  I’m looking forward to it, I must say!  The last race I did was last December, the “12K’s of Christmas” 12 Kilometer run.


   I’ve spoiled myself a bit this week in anticipation of the run, with some of my favorite foods.  I think my all time favorite meal has to be seared jumbo scallops.  Just a bit a salt and pepper, cooked about 3 minutes per side (give or take) in a small amount of real butter.  Dangle these little gems at the finish line, and I might sprint the whole 13.1 miles.  (OK, not really.)

 DSC03436 DSC03437

I had a few refrigerator odds and ends to use up so I made a bit of a “succotash” to dress the scallops.  A few small heirloom grape tomatoes, avocado, edammame, and pom arils tossed a smidge of EVOO and good balsamic.  I was just enough to add to the scallops, without overpowering.  Served over cauliflower puree.   I think I would be happy to eat this meal every night. 

Wine pairing:  one of my favorite dry Rose’s.  I visited this winery when I was in Paso Robles and have been obsessed with the Garretson wines ever since.  (Although, sadly they’ve closed.)



Of course, I finished with some dark chocolate and candy corn for something sweet.  Gotta carb load right?

What is your favorite meal?   How do you “treat” yourself before a big event (ie race, interview, speech, etc.)?


  1. I love scallops but I'm so bad on cooking them the right way. They're either too tough, or I didn't cook them enough :( One of these days I'll get it right :)

  2. those scallops look SO good !!

    when I used to race (getting back there!!) I would have a pizza before - loved that tradition. :)

  3. I honestly always think about you whenever I have scallops!!
    I don't do enough races (ok, I haven't done a race in years) so I don't really have any pre-race meal traditions. I do carbo-load on a regular basis though ;)

  4. Not a scallops girl....but good luck on your run!!! You'd have to dangle pizza in front of me the whole way:):)

  5. Good luck on Sunday! Love last year's pic! :)

    I love scallops, but I never make them at home for some reason...

    My favorite food? Cheese. But I really try to "control" myself as I can't handle it very well...