Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday’s Wine

Velvet Devil Merlot ()

I admit, I bought this one for the name alone.  I thought it would be a fun wine to serve around Halloween.  Not only that, but I love the association of velvet when I think of merlot. 

Of course, my husband would tell you, I am one for instant gratification.  I couldn’t wait until Halloween and wanted to try this wine right away.    OK, well, I waited until dinner time, but you get the picture.  I justify this with not wanting to serve a bad wine to guests, or if it’s good, wanting to go back and get several more bottles.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it! 

I liked this merlot.  I have to admit I’m “iffy” on merlots.  I love ‘em or hate ‘em.  I LOVE Red Diamond Merlot, but had a BV merlot this past weekend that was horrendous.  The Velvet Devil was good!  Not my favorite, but good.  I really liked the notes of cherry and chocolate that I tasted and the smooth finish that it left in my mouth.  Would I buy it again?  For $12 or so, this was a good merlot and would be a fun addition to a party.

Off to get my ‘TO DO’ list accomplished:

- Yearly “womanly” Dr. appt.

- Grocery shopping

- Clean bathrooms

- Laundry

- 3 mile walk with Ava and Chase

- New recipe for dinner tonight.  :-)

Have a great Wednesday everybody!!

Do you ever buy wines purely because the label called out to you? 


  1. I am guilty of buying wine for the label, especially if it has cute animals on it.

  2. Oh yes. I do that often :( Terrible, I know.

  3. ha I was never a big wine drinker until we went to Napa and now I'm hooked. I like a sweeter wine..not a huge fan of merlot. I DO buy wine based on the bottle though haha the more fun the name...the better

  4. I definitely have. Actually that was what I think first brought me to Kung Fu Girl, then I realized it was awesome and kept buying it. From the look of the label on that one I think it has the same distributer or maker. I'm definitely not a big merlot girl. I keep trying to like it but it never really fulfills my fancy.

  5. Oh yes...every wine I buy is because of the label:):):)