Monday, November 8, 2010

Gluten Free Fall Pizza

Happy Monday Evening blogland!  It’s been a busy Monday here in MommyRD’s house.  I had an awesome Body Blast class this morning.  This is a class at the gym that is very much interval training, with a lot of lunges, squats, and partner activities.  I think they really should rename it to Booty Blast, as I can already feel my tush and hamstrings screaming.  I’m happy to be done with the half marathon training, as now I can take more fun classes at the gym, and not worry how my legs will feel if I have to do a long run.  Ava gets to play at the daycare, and I get time to talk to other adults, so it’s a win-win.  Also, maybe it is because running comes fairly easy for me, but I really think that weight lifting and interval/circuit classes are doing more for my fitness than a lot of running.  That said, I haven’t given up running, just taking it down to short runs once or twice a week, it’s to nice this time of the year to spend everyday in the gym! 

Now, let’s talk food, shall we?

Over the weekend, we made homemade pizza – GLUTEN FREE!

I was sent some dough mixes from Chebe to try out.  We tried this Original Bread Mix to make our pizza.  (There is pizza dough instructions on the back.)  This is also yeast free, which means there is no extra time involved for the rising. 



Scott liked the fact that it spread out easily. 

We decided on some fall flavored ingredients.  Pears and blue cheese were the first things we thought of.  Coupled with some shitake mushrooms and sauteed red onion, we were good to go.  Right before topping, I thought I’d try a base of  canned pumpkin mixed with goat cheese.  A little sprinkle of blue cheese and goat gouda on top added some additional cheesiness.  I also sprinkled just a bit of our garden fresh Rosemary. 

Just out of the oven…


Hmmm…needs a little something.  I know, balsamic reduction!!

DSC03610 DSC03611

The crust was great.  Not quite the doughy chew you get in a traditional flour crust, but it crisped up nicely and had good flavor.  I haven’t had other gluten free pizzas to compare, but it was something I’d gladly eat again.  As for our fall inspired toppings;  good, but next time I would add some capers or prosciutto.  With all the sweet toppings I had, it needed more saltiness to balance it. 

We paired this with a lovely Merlot Nero d’Avola blend. 

Vignali Roccamora 'Carlo Alfano' Nero d'Avola - Merlot 2008













I enjoyed this wine a lot.  It was drier and slightly more tannic then most merlots, and had more complexity thanks to the Nero d’Avola.  It went great with the pizza as it matched and balanced the subtle sweetness of the pumpkin and pears.  I’m really a fan of red blends. 

What is the best thing you ate or drank over the weekend?


  1. wow, this pizza looks PERFECT. I love tangy goat cheese + sweet pear.

    Have a fabulous week !

  2. I've used Chebe to make pizza crrust and agree with your review. It wasn't the consistency of traditional pizza dough, but it was really good in its own way. I'll have to make another Chebe pizza now that you've remined me :)

  3. I love those pizza toppings!! It sounds delish, espcially finished with the balsamic reduction!

  4. I really like Nero. Its beter than a pinot sometimes. And Chebe is awesome, so easy to make! Looks fabulous!

  5. Great looking pizza!! The best thing I ate wasn't over the was the hot wings yesterday. :)

  6. The bottle of merlot goes well with the pizza.