Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Perfect Fall Dinner

I love the flavors of fall.  Everything from cranberries, squash and pumpkin, to pomegranates, persimmon, and fall apples; it’s a season for hearty flavor.  After the trick-or- treats were finished, we settled down to a taste of fall.

A first for us;  Carnival Squash


Roasted and drizzled with maple syrup.  Mmmm….


Starter salad of butter lettuce, pom seeds, fennel, Honeycrisp apple, and red onion. 


The main course;  organic chicken breast stuffed with homemade cranberry zinfandel sauce, goat cheese, and fresh thyme.  Topped with few capers.  Moist, salty, sweet, tangy, creamy…this chicken had it all going on.

 DSC03576 DSC03578 DSC03583

Wine pairing:  We couldn’t decide between red and white so we went with a little of both.  The Rombauer Chardonnay was good, but a tad to oaky for my taste.  I decided a red would suit the chicken’s depth of flavors and it did.  The 14 Hands “Hot to Trot” was a delicious red blend.  I am a huge fan of 14 Hands merlot, and since that isn’t sold retail, I decided to try this blend.  It’s a stunning mix;  full of ripe fruit, tannins and just a hint of pepper and oak.   For you red wine fans, this is perfect.  It really has the best elements of a few red varietals, which will make it pleasing to a variety of tastes. 

Every part of this meal was spectacular and reminded me why I love fall and don’t miss the passing of summer.  Although, since the high is supposed to be 94 today, I’m not sure summer has really passed.  (???) 

Have a magnificent day lovelies.   I’m off to hit up the gym for some upper body weight lifting!


  1. 94 in November is hot! I can't even imagine that temp right now.

  2. Wow, that looks like an amazing Fall meal for sure!
    It is supposed to be in the 90's where I live today too!!

  3. That is an amazing fall meal! Wow. That chicken sounds amazing. (Well, ok it all does!!!)

  4. The chardonnay and pomegrante salad look absolutely perfect. Great way to kick off the Fall!

  5. What a cool looking squash!!!

    I love all those flavors in your meal! Its screaming fall :)

  6. That does look like the perfect fall meal! I love fall flavors :)

    Its in the 40s here now. I'm jealous of your weather. Although I do like the fall in New England a lot.

  7. Omg that chicken looks amazing!!! Thanks for the wine recommendation. I'm always looking for new wines to try.

    Your weather sounds similar to mine. We have slept with the AC on all week!