Monday, November 1, 2010

Post Halloween Sugar Slump

Happy Monday guys and gals!  Did everyone have a great weekend?

Is anyone else experiencing the “sugar hangover?”  Well, I really over indulged this weekend.  My love of candy corn, eating some of Ava’s goodies, and going to a couple of Halloween parties + a one year old birthday party, have left me in a sugar slump.  Needless to say, this post will be more pictures, and less words. 

Ava at Quin’s birthday party at the park.  It was a beautiful Saturday afternooon!2010-10-30_13-01-03_189 2010-10-30_13-01-27_174

Ava loved the pretzels and other fun snacks…


Ava dressed as a Peanut for her first Halloween “Boo Bash” at the Kid’s Club of our gym.  (She also went trick or treating in this costume.)

 DSC03549 DSC03550 DSC03551 DSC03562

Scott carved a magnificent pumpkin for Ava.  She LOVES dogs.  

IMG_1959 IMG_1963

Unfortunately, we carved it Saturday, put it out Saturday night, and it was destroyed by Halloween morning.   The neighborhood vandals.  No, it was javelinas!  Yes, we see those regularly in our neighborhood.  Ugly, stinky, and dangerous;  our dog, Chase, knows the wrath of a javelina, he’s been attacked. 

A simple Halloween treat I made from a magazine idea years ago. 

Nutter butters

White chocolate bark

Mini chips



Oh, and lot’s o’candy. 

Will post about real food tomorrow!  I’m off to exercise and try to bring down my blood sugar! 

What was your favorite part of Halloween weekend?


  1. What a great costume, so cute! :)

  2. we came full circle - a VERY CUTE peanut, and cookie peanuts!

    my favorite part was relaxing with Jason - watching SCARY movies!